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From the Sydney Morning Herald

Britney's slimming secret revealed?

September 4, 2003
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Pop princess Britney Spears maintains her sexy shape with slimming pills, according to a British tabloid newspaper.

Spears, 22, was outed after dropping a bottle "fat burning" tablets at London's Heathrow airport this week on her way back to Los Angeles.

The Daily Star newspaper has published photographs of Britney grabbing for a blue bottle, which the tabloid claims to have identified as Zantrex-3, a popular diet supplement. Zantrex-3 is an American over-the-counter appetite suppressant pill.

Spears sparked a controversy twelve months ago when she collapsed after a concert in the United States, but her spokesperson denied it was an effect of a crash diet after the star's split with Justin Timberlake.

A celebrity spotter at Heathrow backs up the newspaper's claim; "It was definitely a bottle of Zantrex-3. I know what the pills look like. "Britney seemed very keen to grab the pills before anybody saw what they were. But it was too late."

A spokesperson for the singer has yet to verify the diet pill claims.

Article take from the Sydney Morning Herald - Orginal article can be found here.

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