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  • Anti-Diet, The - learn to convert healthy lifestyle principles into practice.
  • Awaken the Diet Within - how the author went from obesity to beauty queen and television personality, and how you can do it too.
  • Hold the Toast - a guide to low carbohydrate dieting.
  • Solution: 6 Winning Ways to Permanent Weight Loss, The - by Mellin, Laurel.
  • Sugar Busters - three medical doctors and a Fortune 500 CEO describe an easy way to lose weight, lower cholesterol, and help manage diabetes.
  • Sugarfree Kitchen - cookbooks by Deanie Bahan, and other resources for a sugar-free diet.
  • Trim Kids - proven 12-week plan that helps children achieve a healthier weight. Addresses the nutritional, emotional, and physical essentials for safe, effective weight management.
  • Weigh Out, The - outlines a weight loss program designed by Physicians Weight Management.
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