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  • Cyberdiet - includes a do-it-yourself nutritional profile to let you calculate your ideal body weight.
  • Weight Watchers - hosts weekly nutritional advice meetings, offers online weight loss tools, and sells health products such as recipe books and vitamins.
  • Low Carb Connoisseur - low carb and sugarfree products for Dr. Atkins's, Sugar Busters, and Protein Power dieters.
  • Healing Emotional Hunger - holistic approach to weight loss integrating Western psychology and Eastern wisdom, for achieving a healthy body weight.
  • Health Image - offers weight loss products.
  • Gittleman, Ann Louise - author of The Fat Flush Plan. Certified clinical nutritionist specializing in nutrition, weight loss, and cleansing diets.
  • Health Quest International - high protein, low carbohydrate diet with supplements.
  • Lo Carb Diner - sells low carbohydrate, high-protein, sugar-free products, including protein bars and shakes, sugar-free candies, and low carb baked goods.
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