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  • MayoClinic.com: Women's Health Answers - responses to questions about birth control, medical conditions, breast self-examination, and other concerns.
  • Medical Information for Ladies - shares information on a variety of health topics including birth control, depression, HRT, pregnancy, and losing weight.
  • National Black Women's Health Project - African American health education, research, advocacy, and leadership development institution.
  • National Women's Health Information Center - offers women's health resources and materials for consumers and professionals.
  • National Women's Hospital - largest women's hospital in Australasia. National Women's provides comprehensive maternity care with antenatal and postnatal facilities.
  • Natural Health Website for Women - discusses the menopause, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, infertility, weight loss, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and alternative HRT.
  • 4 Menopause Symptoms and Menopause Information - information on symptoms and treatments, as well as surgical and early menopause.
  • Dr. Lera - information on menopause symptoms in women and men as well as advice on treatments.
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